Mom's Traditional (Original) Gooey Butter Cake

The Original St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake.

Our Award Winning, World Famous Mom's Traditional Gooey Butter Cake

The Crust is a very dense Yellow Cake like crust and then it is filled with a Mixture of Cream Cheese, Butter and Powered Sugar. This is the recipe that is the Base for all of our varieties.

This is the #1 Selling Flavor of 2010

This is the Food Network Food Feuds Winning Flavor !!!!

BEST GOOEY BUTTER CAKE IN AMERICA !!!!!!! Judged by Iron Chef Michael Symon.

Mom's Traditional Gooey Butter Cake

Just received this as a gift and it is my first gooey butter cake. This cake is awesome!

a taste of my childhood...

My childhood was spent in St. Louis until the age of 14 and one of my favorite memories is getting Gooey Butter cake for Sunday mornings after church..... It has been over 30 yrs. since I last tasted this sweet treat and I can't believe I can order it. I am planning on sending one to each of my siblings for Xmas so they can share in the memory as well...

Christmas Dessert

I just found this site today but Christmas 3 years ago my son made this cake for a dessert he was 11 now today I decided to look up the name of the cake and you guys came up thanks the cake it's great.

This cake is absolutely

This cake is absolutely wonderful. My co-workers loved it and are begging for more.
Simply divine!!!!!!!!

From Minnesota with Love

We have a far away co-worker that has sent us your famous gooey butter cake and it's a big hit here in Minnesota. Thank you for a wonderful cake.

This looks tasty!

This looks tasty!

Most wonderful cake ever!

I bought an Original Gooey Butter Cake, being a sweets taster all my life I have never ever had such an absolute wonderful tasty cake in my life, It was a cake to die for. Thank you! God Bless you and keep up the wonderful things you make.

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