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PAC Rewards

Over 12000 of our customers can’t be wrong.

Park Avenue Coffee has a customer loyalty program like no other coffee shop in St. Louis.


Buy 15 Drinks Get One Free

Free Drink on your birthday.

Get exclusive coupons, discount and promotions by e-mail.

Log into your My PAC Rewards to check order history, register your gift cards and check gift card balances.

Use your scan card as a pre-paid card and you will get 5% FREE MONEY. Charge your card with any amount and we will add 5% more free of charge.

And you get a handy dandy scan card to put on your key chain.

Now, tell me where else do you get FREE MONEY and buy 15 get one free?

These are just a few of the benefits that our customers get, that you will not get from the big guy.

Reward Program Terms and Conditions

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