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We have just launched our online store, we are very excited to be able to take orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can now get your Gooey Butter Fix in the middle of the night and we will bake it fresh and ship it out or you can pick it up at the store.

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Was in Louis in 2008 and still miss the butter cake today. Couldn't find anything similar here in Australia at all!
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Gooey Butter Cakes to Afghanistan

Dale - just had to let you know how much Vicki and I appreciated all you and "the girls" did to help us put together the CARE package for our Captain in Afghanistan. The coffee, the press and especially the gooey buktter cakes arrived all in one piece. The cakes did not stay in one piece for too long as they were cut up and shared with his troops. He did same one to share with the unit on Thanksgiving Day - THEY WERE ALL A BIG HIT!!!

Sorry we missed you Friday when we brought our daughter and grandson in - wanted her to try some of your coffee. She loved the coffee and I got my piece of triple chocolate!

We are working on another package and will be coming back over to select the next supply of gooey butter cakes to send.

Thank you again for your kindness and everyones help.


I'm not a coffee drinker but.....

I don't stomach coffee of any kind, but I've found my experience of your gooey butter cake quite climactic on several occasions! I even have to admit that my attendance at charity and other events has been heavily swayed by whether your delectably delightful treats will be featured. In fact, my entire exposure to your gooey butter cake has been through such events, from post-concert meet & greets to wedding receptions to seminars to appreciation celebrations. I've been pleased with every variety I've tried to date. I've sampled other venue's renditions and you far outshine the competition.
Because your shop isn't convenient for me to visit, I'm glad I've discovered this website. Now, if a craving overwhelms me I know I can satisfy it by stopping in a Straubs if one is nearby or I can make an order for mail delivery. I'm also looking forward to sharing this treasure with loved ones at a distance. Thanks for making life a little sweeter! Good luck for continued success!

Coffee for lunch

I stop in a couple of times a week for coffee...for lunch. Yep, it's THAT good.



never heard of

I didn't find out until a few years ago that Gooey Butter Cake was native to St. Louis... I have friends in South Carolina I have been giving them quiz questions about the Gooey Butter Cake. Little do they know I have one being processed with you to be sent to them. I can't wait to hear what they have to say....lol Too much fun.
Everyday I send a new question.....lol I think once they recieve the Two Cakes I have ordered I will wait a month and send two more.... it is only FAIR that another STATE know about the Gooey Butter Cake Addiction.

Thanks for Opening on Line

Gooey Butter Cakes

I live in Texas, I had 2 cakes shipped to me, not only were they the best ever, but came as Dale promised, on friday....the traditional was mine, the blueberry for hubby, I did share some with neighbors and regret that....was too good to share, but we were very impressed with the cakes and timely matter in which they were shipped and the careful packaging, well wrapped so they were delivered in excellent shape! I will order again....and again...thanks Dale for offering your cakes world wide!

I guess we owe channel 2 news Tim Ezell a thanks too, had I not seen his show via their website, I would have never found y'all!


Joyce L.
Dallas Texas

Highlander Grog

My son is a new resident in Lafayette Park neighborhood. Took us to your coffee shop during our visit there this week. Had to bring home some Highlander Grog coffee. Love the flavor. Gooey Butter bars --incredibly delicious. Your staff is well trained, courteous and friendly. A definite plus for you. How about making a Caramel flavored coffee? Have been tasting everywhere and impossible to find one with true caramel flavor and smooth coffee taste. Think you could get it right!! Regards, Judy

Loved the gooey butter cake!


My wife and I visited a friend who lives in the lofts about a block from your shop - we loved the coffee and cake! I have since tried several recipes but can't seem to recreate your style.

I don't suppose you'd be willing to offer any basic tips on getting the cake to develop that nice crustiness? Ours is far too gooey, while yours is both gooey and flaky.

Anyway, thanks from Akron Ohio!



this is seriously the best coffee in the lou...and the best staff. :)


Thanks for your comments.

YIPEE for me

I can't wait to order tons of Gooey Butter Cakes for all of my West Coast friends for Christmas!!! Love the site, totally fabulous!

Great new look

I sure do miss Park Ave coffee, caramel macchiato (the better one) and gooey butter cake down here in South Carolina. I will be stopping by in November to say hello.


We can ship Gooey Butter Cake to South Carolina, but it might be rough to ship you a Caramel Macchiato.

Love the new site!

Dale, the new site design is awesome! The Food Network and Oprah will be calling any day now! :)


Looking forward to visiting STL next month and hope to stop by for some fresh gooey butter cake!...The website looks great!

The new site looks great

The new site looks great

I used the patio today and

I used the patio today and it was very nice. I will be back often.


I'm a first time customer, and i like your coffee beans alot. tnx for a good cup of expresso.

i'll be sure to come back,,tnx again from Allen from Canby, California (N.E.)

Stop by any time and I'll make u a latte...

Oh my STARS! Your place is

Oh my STARS! Your place is fantastic! I've had coffee all over the world, from Geneva to Curesou, and yours is the absolute best!

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