Park Avenue Gooey Butter Cake Now in All 5 Straub's Stores

As of Mid October you can now get Park Avenue Coffee's Gooey Butter Cake in All four St. Louis Straub's Markets.

On December 3, 2008, Straub's Markets will open its first addition to the four-store and family-owned chain in over 40 years. The 40,000 sf Straub's Market and Café will be a destination experience, unlike any grocery in the Midwest. The store features an indoor/outdoor café, bar and loft area, in-store coffee roasting, cooking school, wine cellar and 1901 event room along with the finest and freshest foods from local and international purveyors. Visit Straub's at for more information.

Dale will be at the New Straub's Market in Ellisville on December 3rd, 5PM - 9PM sampling our Gooey Butter Cake. Come out and see this amazing store and sample some Good, good, good Gooey Butter Cake.

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